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This wireless subwoofer by Samsung is designed to complement the MS Series soundbar perfectly. It stands alone and easily connects to the soundbar via Wi-Fi to boost music and vocals. Discover stunning sound reproduction that’s incomparable to anything you’ve ever heard before.

Superb Sound Quality

Add a dedicated subwoofer to your MS series soundbar with the SWA_W700XU. Connect the two devices through Wi-Fi for quick and easy access to sound that’s simply stunning. Why settle for anything less?

Get deeper tones from your Soundbar Sound+ with the added bass this great subwoofer provides. It dips as low as 27Hz for intense depth you can only expect from the highest quality subs. You’ll be transported right to the heart of the action with precise sound, enhanced for ultimate immersion.

Whether you’re listening to your favourite tracks or watching a thrilling film, the device turns up the bass for added realism. From sport to live performances, add extra sound quality to feel like you’re part of the live audience. The SWA_W700XU offers the excellence you’d expect from Samsung.

With Distortion Cancelling technology, you’ll experience detailed and intense bass without any shaky notes. The clever feature predicts and cancels out distortion before it happens, so you’ll only get crystal clear sound. Enjoy your favourite shows just as the director intended, and hear details you’ve never noticed before.

Seamless and Stylish

This simple and elegant model features a seamless design from all angles. Available in black, its streamlined appearance matches the MS Series soundbar perfectly, letting the output do the talking. What’s more, the device connects wirelessly to the soundbar so you can position it wherever you like in the room.

If you’re looking to add something extra to your Samsung MS Series soundbar, this subwoofer can do just that. Add one to your basket today.


Product Description Wireless Sub to accompany MS series soundbar
System Type N/A
Soundbar System Type Subwoofer
Power Output 27Hz - 120Hz
Speaker Type Subwoofer
Subwoofer Standalone Sub
HDMI Connections N/A
Connectivity WiFI
Colour Black
Product Dimensions (H x W x D) 33.8 x 32 x 32cm
Product Weight 14.6kg
Bar code (EAN No.) 8806088865065