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Miele Microwaves

40cm turntable

Cooking and baking with surefire successWith electronically regulated programmes for over 100 international dishes, you can cook and bake cakes, bread, meat, etc. to perfection. No need to programme the mode or temperature and duration. In addition, the degree of cooking and the browning level, e.g. for meat, can be individually defined.

Automatic programmes

For the inexperienced as well Thanks to the automatic programmes Miele microwave ovens become culinary experts. Simply choose the desired programme and enter the weight of the food, for example. The appliance automatically determines the power level and cooking time. No other operation or monitoring is necessary.

Clock functions

Practical signal function The timer can be used independently of the microwave, e.g. when boiling eggs. The function is activated with two easy actions and gives an acoustic signal when the time entered has elapsed.

Automatic Programmes

Cooking and baking entails surefire successWith electronically regulated programmes for up to 100 types of food, you can cook and bake cakes, bread, poultry, etc. to perfection. No need to programme the operating mode, or choose the temperature or duration.

Food Probe

Easy control of the cooking processCustomised and precise roasting of meat, fish and poultry by monitoring the core temperature incl. and the countdown indicator. No more need to supervise the cooking process. Using the food probe is simple and easy and makes menu planning enjoyable.

Microwave Combination Modes

For faster cookingMany dishes can be cooked much more quickly by combining a traditional operating mode and the microwave function – depending on the dish you could save up to 30% of your time.

Quick Microwave

The QuickStart function offers quick access to the microwave's highest power level and makes the heating of food and drink easier. The defined time settings can be individually reprogrammed. For example, for your hot chocolate in the evening or heating up baby bottles.

Stainless steel cabinet with PerfectClean finish

Patented surface finish The inner cabinet of a microwave combination oven is made from stainless steel with a special linen-weave finish; this surface is also finished with PerfectClean making it less sensitive to scratching and considerably easier to clean than a conventional stainless steel oven interior.



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